Iron Tiger eye: Meaning, Power and Properties

Tiger-Iron or Iron Tiger eye is a metamorphic rock which is shaped by the tectonic activities of the earth which exhibits red, golden, and black stripes.

The name Iron TIger eye is derived from the word Tiger in Tiger Eye, and from Iron because of the mineral make-up of Hematite.Tiger iron is also known as mugglestone.

Iron Tiger eye is a rock combination of Tiger Eye, Jasper and Hematite.

Associations of Iron Tiger Eye:

Zodiac – Leo

Element – Fire, Earth

Numerical Vibration – Number 7

Typical colours – golden-brown, red and black

Because of its beautiful and pleasing color combination, Tiger-Iron is often used in jewelry and ornaments.

Tiger Iron transfers out clever, creative and artistic abilities. Iron Tiger eye is also helpful if suffering from failures at any level. Tiger Iron activates the intensity of B vitamins to balance the red and white blood cell count.  It strengthens the muscles and aids in production of natural steroids.

Tiger Iron for its creativity is famed for providing solutions or ideas to the situations. It is also known to propound the thoughts of its wearer.

Iron Tiger eye stone gives power, energy, courage, strength, and stamina to fulfill the responsibilities and achieve dreams.

The blend of three minerals that make up the Iron Tiger eye stone can give a focusing and calming energy, which establishTiger-Iron is a very powerful grounding stone.

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